CCP virus

We thank our real heroes.
All doctors, the nurses, medical workers,pharmacist, logistic workers and all the people who are helping us to get through this crucial time.
Stay home.Stay safe.

R.I.P Jesse Silverwolf & Rhiannon Starsinger

Each and everyone of us have their own thoughts and feelings.Others have their own thoughts and feelings some say good some say trash.I have a page on Facebook The Wolf of Modesto please go look at when, you have the time. I do like the avatar on your FA I like to use it to show, them a picture of Sunfire and to give, credit to the artist.I thank you for you time.

More like that the simpsons family guy bob's burgers and many more are for examples.I listen to you words and knowledge and apply them and I have to thank you.
I did my best Sunfire to answer your question I tried.

In my life I have meet people are lesbian and gay and, they have treated me nice and I treated
them nice.I don't ask for their sexual orientation I let them ,tell me and I accept them full heartedly . If it wasn't to go meet them I would have become a Mister Sinester or even worse.
https://www.facebook.com/jesse.silverwolf Died :(
https://www.facebook.com/rhiannon.starsinger Died :(
https://www.facebook.com/talima.twowolves i he meet Jessie silverwolf Talima Two Wolves and rhiannon starsinger, have treated me nice and same goes to them.I let them to stay in the hotel with me, and I have done more for, them than their families. Rhiannon was working and jesse and talima wasn't I got the things they wanted and they did show their love. I met adam he's my first no relations just friends with benefits.
I met adam in my mid 30's redding california. She does have a page on facebook jesse silverwolf. She's loves rock and roll she loves a one favorite rock star. we departed our ways and I still remember ,them all and l always will. I hope to meet the others sexual orientations.
I found her on Facebook Jesse Silverwolf last entry 2011.She's disabled. I did feed them when go to visit them,and jesse said she accepted who i am. I just wanted to show you the truth.

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled Wednesday on the so-called “ministerial exemption” to employment discrimination laws on Wednesday, finding that churches are allowed to discriminate. ... That means churches can discriminate based on race, age, sex, disability, national origin — you name it — when it comes to ministers.Jan 18, 2012

Google it documented

Best Waver Ever!

You are very welcome.
Carol and I was just talking about you just the other day, of how fortunate we are to have you back with us.
You're the best Waver ever!!!
Stephen L. Sapp, Sr.
President & Franchisee
I have proof I'm the best liberty waver ever!.
I'm the only one to bring in customers to the office.