Mitch Rodriguez (bloodwolves) wrote,
Mitch Rodriguez


Day 4 My paycheck of $290.00 is on hold.I'm not a employee just a guy advertise for the store. I do the hard work all that work in store sit on their buts and the, women arent that cute.
It doesn't matter to put on the brid costume i get the same to wear my street clothes.
Two other employeees have their paychecks in the clear and my is put on hold?.If they can't pay my low wages put out a machine to do it.
A machine has no heart.I am out in all types of weather rain,wind,heat.I am hired to do my job and my pay is on hold.There was no reason for a new suit just to fix the old one.
Now to call my employer of the pay hold he signed the paycheck.He's rarely there I don't miss him.
Store is closed on sunday.
It had happen before to be paid next day or two but not as long.
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