Mitch Rodriguez (bloodwolves) wrote,
Mitch Rodriguez

Back to December 14th

December 14th 2001 be 13 years after my industrial accident happen at Walter's & Wolf, I am a very lucky wolf to walk again and my doctor is amazed that, I can walk without a limp. I want to put it behind me and go forward and to live with my tinnitus. It is nothing now and to ignore it.
It be our first Christmas without my mother and I got her a small gift, a hinged boxed singer & guitar. Put it next to her enlarged photo. A gift for my mother who loved Elvis Presley. Her spirit is still here in this house to watch over, us my mother loves the family.
I'm still employed at fiesta auto insurance and still no gratitude or appreciation of the work I do outside. I should be getting $15.00 an hour I do more work.
I been off lipo-flavonoid plus and did it best on me and to try something else, ring relief for 5 months. Ear drops 3 drops twice a day it did nothing. For a cure not be selling for cheap.
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Thanks for the snowglobe, it was a very thoughtful gift.

I was reading here about your injury that affected your walking and your using of lipo-flavanoid plus.

I am a bit confused as it feels like your talking about multiple issues you have had to deal with, one being your Tinnitus and the other being an injury that affected your leg.

I did watch the video of your performing a bit of dancing while in the mascot costume so I dunno if your suffering from leg pain or not.

If you are hurting from leg/joint pain and you want to try something a bit different then perhaps you can ask your local pharmacy if the carry a product called NoviSyn.

Basically its a version of the fluids that is naturally found between joints. Its good for arthritis and joint pain. You just pour the fluid into a small glass of water and drink it. If the issue though that your dealing with is ear ringing then aside from a neti pot or nasal rinse that can help relieve pressure I dunno what other alternatives exist that might help you with that problem.